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5 Essential BBQ Accessories

5 Essential BBQ Accessories

If you are wondering which accessories you need to make sure your barbecue is great this summer, wonder no more. Duff Dixon, owner of Ontario Gas BBQ lists his top 5 BBQ Accessories essential for every serious barbecuer.

Brush – Required to keep your bbq clean. Make sure you get one with steel bristles woven in twisted wire so the bristles don’t come out.

Smoker Box – You can buy different types of wood chips such as apple or hickory to add to the Smoker box to give your barbecue different flavours

Rib Rack– Allows you to stand the ribs vertically so you can get more ribs on the barbecue and prevents them from drying out too quickly.

Grill Topper – Allows you put small meats and veggies on the barbecue with small holes so they don’t fall through. The Grill Topper expands the foods you can cook on your barbecue.

Thermapen – A temperature reading device to allow you to check the internal temperature of your meat to make sure it is properly cooked. The Thermapen reads in only 3 seconds which is important because you don’t have to keep the barbecue open too long which allows the heat to escape.

There are many great accessories you can use while barbecuing, but these accessories will help ensure you have a great barbecue experience every time!

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