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Accessories for Interior Design

Shaila Gottlieb of discusses the importance of accessories in Interior Design.  In your travels you can pick up pieces that appeal to you and with creative ideas such as framing and shadow boxes, you can use those accessories as wall decorations.  Accessories can reflect your tastes, your culture or religion.  With global markets opening up, there is so much to chose from.  Accessories should be a reflection of who you are, your house doesn’t need to look like a house in a magazine…have fun with it!

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About Shaila Gottlieb:

Shaila Gottlieb, owner of, is a highly respected Interior Designer with over 38 years of experience and hundreds of satisfied, repeat clients. She is an award winning designer, a member of the Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario (ARIDO). She has lectured, presented design seminars to both professionals and lay people, and written a monthly column in JTO magazine. She can be heard weekly on the Zelda show on CHIN radio 100.7FM. Shaila’s one of a kind built-ins, vanities and cabinets grace many homes and offices. She has developed a reputation for creating unique roomscapes that have a timeless quality, and are based on sound design principles rather than on trends.

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