How to Achieve An Ageless Lifestyle – Positive Mindset

Ageless Lifestyle

Natalie Campanella, Author and fitness developer for mature adults explains the ‘Centreline Principle.’    This principle embraces the concept of gaining positive mind set; it serves as a platform to create an ageless lifestyle as it favors both physical and mental freedom as you mature.

The essential key is training your body with complete physical and mental co-ordination.  As you age it is with increasing importance that you learn to control your thoughts in a manner which will support you in your efforts to create a perfect healthy physique.

First, be aware of the flexibility and adaptability of your body. Understand each part of your body in space being continuous without any disconnects,

  • Appreciate yourself for your present state.

Blend your pattern of thoughts and your emotions in sync with your body moves as you are training your body. If not with your thoughts supporting you, you cannot realize your true potential.

  • As you train yourself, visualize the goals you wish to achieve from your physical form, like your ideal body shape or a healthy lifestyle.

Focus on your collective thoughts;

  • Feel grateful for your body,
  • Understand how it is incredible to move your body without talking it for granted,
  • Imagine your body as if it is exactly as you would like it to be.

This helps you to unlock any barriers in your mind as you train, making is possible to achieve an ageless lifestyle.

As with any exercise, consult with your doctor before starting any fitness program.

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Natalie Campanella of Centreline Principle has focused her expertise on Ageless Living and developing fitness and health programs for mature adults.   Natalie  has been in the health and wellness industry for over 20 years. She has her degree in psychology along with extensive experience as a trainer. She became passionate about being part of a a solution towards alternative methods in restoring health in mature adults when she was young.  Caring for her Grandparents she realized that healing goes beyond traditional and conventional methods of treating the body to the exclusion of other aspects of a persons existence.  She became keenly interested in understanding the impact and correlation between the mind and the body. Ultimately this led to the creation of her soon to be released book and video series, both designed to release the potential of mid life.

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