Arnis – Progression From Sinawali To Live Stick Fighting

Progression From Sinawali To Live Stick Fighting

Arnis Manila is a Filipino martial art also known as eskrima and kali. In practicing Arnis you would use blades, knives or sticks knows as Arnis sticks (or baston). In this segment Punong Guro Jing Gonzalez and his students at Rhonrose Martial Arts & Fitness will demonstrate the progression from single sinawali to live stick fighting.

Punong Guro Jing Gonzalez or PG Jing to his students started learning Arnis at an early age through Grandmasters Ernie David and Roland Dantes. He is the founder of Arnis Manila of Canada.

PG Jing is also a 2nd degree black belt in ITF-Taekwondo and has cross-trained in different martial arts like Muay Thai Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Combat-Judo and Karate to name a few. His true love and passion is stick and knife fighting, thus he enjoys incorporating Arnis drills to different martial arts. Together with the Canadian Stick fighting Team, he recently represented Canada in the World Stick fighting Championships in Hungary as both coach and competitor where the team finished Third over-all.

A long-time vegetarian “The Speedy Veggie” as he is also known, is an active fighter is ardent fitness advocate whose goal is to be able to share his knowledge in weapons-fighting to the Canadian police and military.