Boost Your Immune System During The Cold And Flu Season

Boost Your Immune System

Marina Pano, Osteopath and Sports Therapist, offers a series of valuable information to support health and wellness. In this segment she outlines how to boost your immune system during this cold and flu season.

Marina Pano is founder of MP & Co, Integrative Medicine Center.  She is well known for helping her clients by applying a complete understanding of human biomechanics and Osteopathy.

Her practice is located in Montreal Canada and she is know for curing and caring for those in need of:

Lifestyle coaching and nutrition

Prevention, treatment and care of Athletic related injuries

Correcting spinal pain and dysfunction

Tendonitis and other soft tissue inflammatory disorders

Sciatica, TMJ, recurrent sprains and strains

For more health related advice visit or email Marina directly at [email protected].