Children And Public Speaking

Public Speaking

Actress and Owner of Playworks, Lori Pearlstein, discusses the benefits of teaching children public speaking from a young age.  Young children are fearless and therefore this is the best time to get them used to speaking and performing in front of others.  Acting and improv classes can help kids’ confidence by using games, since they see it simply as playing.  ‘Simon Says’ or ‘Charades’ are great games to play with children to get them used to performing in front of others.  The next step is perform the same games or perform skits in front of a few of their classmates, gradually increasing the audience to include parents and adults.


Playworks was founded by Lori Pearlstein: a New York trained actor, teacher and casting director with a broad spectrum of experience and perspective. Classes are available for those looking to, think quicker on their feet, improve public speaking skills, build self-esteem or just have a lot of fun. For more information about Playworks visit

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