Ryan Storm talks about packaged Foods Food

Choosing Packaged Foods

Choosing Packaged Foods

Ryan Storm, Food Blogger, educates the LifeStyleVideo’s crew about the six things to evaluate when choosing packaged foods.  While on location at Toronto’s famous health foods store The Big Carrot we really learn that part of taste is feeling good about what you eat.

Storm is clear that in order to avoid having unwanted ingredients in food one should take time to read labels and of buying products that contain: Corn, Soy, GMO’s, MSG, Non-Organics or anything too difficult to pronounce.

Listen as Ryan explains these six simple tips and see if you too can incorporate them into your daily diet:

1) No Corn

2) No Soy

3)No GMO’s

4)No MSG

5)Choose Organic

6)Pronounce all Ingredients

If your quest is to eat delicious, healthy, organic, local and nut-free foods like Ryans’ visit the Food Category at lifestylevideos.com; or rysratings.ca where Ryan has a lot to say about local restaurants, products, people and markets.

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