College Makeup Routine

College Makeup

Early morning classes and late nights require a makeup routine that is quick and easy, but will have you looking awake and fresh. In this video makeup artist Tess Lopez shows a step-by-step process to create the perfect college makeup routine you can use daily that will take students from daily classes and study groups into evening events and the local pubs.

Tess Lopez is an editorial supervisor by day and a freelance makeup artist and beauty blogger by night. She graduated from The School of Professional Make-up located in Toronto and continues to move forward thriving as an artist, touching on every area of her craft from bridal, fashion, and television to creative makeup. She shares her love of makeup, her experiences as an artist, and her makeup savvy through her beauty blog, “makeupbytess“. Most of all, Tess enjoys getting to know her clients and fellow colleagues. She feels that through every encounter she is able to grow both as a person and as an artist. Her goal as a make-up artist is to “make people feel beautiful both

twitter: @makeupbytess

instagram: @makeupbytess