Dental Implications of Sleep Apnea

Holistic Dentist Dr. Michael Schecter from explains dental implications of sleep apnea.  Difficulty breathing, inflamed tongue and inflamed tissue can all be symptoms of sleep apnea.  Some causes for sleep apnea may be stress or tension in the neck, diet can also be a factor as certain foods can cause inflammation.  Another cause may be a large neck cause by excessive weight.  By identifying the cause, you may be able to affect some improvement in the condition.  Many people who suffer from sleep apnea have to use a CPAP machine, which can be uncomfortable and noisy.  Another option is to use a customized dental appliance.  It slides the lower jaw forward opening up the airway which moves any obstruction and allows the wearer to sleep comfortably.   It is important to speak to your dental health professional about your options.

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About Dr. Michael Schecter

Dr. Michael Schecter is a practicing biological Dentist with a special interest in holistic tooth replacement. Michael has accumulated expertise incorporating dental health into your overall life balance. Michael’s passion is to provide the extraordinary benefits of homeopathy as an alternative to pharmaceuticals, reduce toxicity, and focus on prevention. Ozone therapy and nutrition minimize invasive procedures. Michael is a sought out teacher, lecturing on homeopathy, dentistry, and life balance.

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