Dog Training – Counter Conditioning

Caryn Liles from Toronto Centre for Canine Education demonstrates how to change your dog’s negative response to other dogs.  By rewarding your dog with treats whenever your dog sees another dog, eventually your dog will change their emotional response to become more positive.

Stage 1– Cover your windows with blinds/curtains so that your dog doesn’t sit at the windows and bark every time another dog passes the house.  When you have time to train your dog, sit with them by the window uncovered, with some bite size treats and reward them continuously every time another dog comes into view, and stop rewarding when the other dogs are out of view.

Stage 2– In a park setting, starting on a leash reward your dog continuously with bite sized treats every time another dog is visible, and stop rewarding every time the other dog is no longer visible.

Once your dog begins to look at you every time another dog is present,  wagging their tail or other signs of anticipation when another dog is present are all indications  that your dog is beginning to change their emotional response.

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