Flow Between Color Seasons

Flow Between Color Seasons:

Image consultant Carol Brailey is here to talk to talk to us about flowing between color seasons. Wearing colors that are right for YOU will make you appear healthier, vibrant and younger by brightening, lifting your skin and eyes.  Wearing colors that are not right for YOU tend to make you appear dull and older.

There are 4 main steps in a color analysis.  They are:

1)     Determining Skin Undertone

2)     Determining Season

3)     Determining Flow

4)     Determining Star or Wow Colors

In this video, Carol quickly demonstrates step #3 above using summary flags that crossover with the Winter color season palette.  Why determine whether someone crosses over between color seasons?  Well a shade of green in one palette may not be best for you, while in another palette the green may be one of your best colors (e.g. Emerald green versus Ice green).  During an actual color analysis, several color flags are used to determine color season.  The model in the video has previously been assessed to be a cool skin undertone in the Winter season.

About Carol Brailey:

Having worked in management for large organizations and in the film industry with Academy Award winners, Carol knows the importance of image. Carol’s warm, professional and approachable manner is the reason people seek her out. Carol is a certified image consultant who is a member of the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI). In addition, to further round out her image consulting practice, Carol is a hair professional.

Carol Brailey Image Consulting services inspire individuals to wear their authenticity.

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