Marina Cortese takes through her Nutrition Pyramid Food

Holistic Nutrition – The Food Pyramid

The Food Pyramid

A healthy lifestyle includes quality of rest, reduction of stress and a good diet.  In this segment Marina Cortese  – Registered Holistic Nutritionist, takes us through the recommended  food pyramid; the way.  In a beautiful kitchen designed by Paula Kerr and her interior design firm “Your Home Design”, Marina stresses the importance of fruits and veggies and encourages fitting as many vegetables as possible into your diet.  Conversely she addresses complex carbohydrates such as starches’ and grains should be kept to a minimum to avoid blood sugar spikes.  A side tip is that in order to reduce bloating from carbs, wheat free alternatives are a welcomed avenue to still feel full while providing easier digestion. Protein provides the building blocks of each life stage and immune system support.  It can be found in many meat alternatives or in healthy organic non vegetarian forms such as organic fish, chicken and eggs.   Once all of your ingestion needs are met… don’t hesitate to indulge a little!  Be happy, healthy and stay awesome! Make sure to watch Marina’s other videos right here on About Marina Cortese: Marina Cortese B.Kin, RHN, NNCP – Registered Holistic Nutritionist from applies a sound foundation of how the human body moves and works and how food can both benefit & heal to her delicious recipes.  She guides and educates on the foods that heal the body and eliminates the ones that do the harming.  Cortese’s creations inspire people to take notice of what they’re putting in their bodies while dispelling the myth that eating well is boring or a chore.

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