Foundations Of Health and Fitness

Health and Fitness

Barry Samuel, the founder of Inside Out Fitness Studio, discusses the foundations of health and fitness in day-to-day life, primarily Posture, Body Awareness and Breath.  Barry demonstrates some simple exercises to improve these foundations.  Only by establishing proper posture, body awareness and breath can you successfully carry out your health and fitness goals.

About Insideout Health & Fitness Studio:

Insideout Health & Fitness Studio was founded in April 2005 by Barry H. Samuel to make a difference for all kinds of individuals to achieve optimal health, fitness, lifestyle and performance goals. Samuel, with over two decades of hands-on experience, is a certified Health & Performance Coach (BA Psych, CPT, CSCS, NCCP). He is a Leadership Trainer, Educator, Accredited Motivational Speaker and Community Advocator for a myriad of important causes. His passion for helping others achieve their goals has made him a household name along the local and national media circuit

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