Help Your Child Overcome Shyness

Help Your Child Overcome Shyness

The good news is that with your help, your child can overcome shyness. Shy children just need a little extra support. Social contact is one of our most important human needs, positively impacting emotional and physical health on every level throughout our lives.

Playworks founder Lori Pearlstein shares ideas on how parents can help to support their children who experience shyness:

  • Empathize with your child’s shyness and avoid shaming him
  • Model confident behavior with other people
  • Teach your child basic social skills
  • Help your child learn how to make friends
  • Coach your child to handle teasing and bullying by role playing and encouraging her to stand up for herself
  • Don’t label your child as shy
  • Teach your child effective strategies for dealing with shyness
  • Provide your child with daily opportunities to interact with others
  • Teach your child that one good friend is worth many acquaintances

Playworks was founded by Lori Pearlstein: a New York trained actor, teacher and casting director with a broad spectrum of experience and perspective. Classes are available for those looking to, think quicker on their feet, improve public speaking skills, build self-esteem or just have a lot of fun. For more information about Playworks visit

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