How Posture Can Affect Your Heart

How Posture Can Affect Your Heart

Chiropractor, Dr. Mark Halpern explains how posture can affect your heart health.  Anterior Head Carriage is one of the most common posture problems in humans. It creates an excessive curve on the upper back, also known as hyperkyphosis.

When Anterior Head Carriage and Hyperkyphosis are put together, it creates lots of strain at the base of the neck and damages the nerves that go to the heart, specifically the first and second thoracic nerves. When there is a pressure on your neck over many years ( 10 to 20 years), the spinal canal narrows and puts pressure on the nerves and spinal cord.

There are two types of chiropractic care that can deal with these issues, Functional Care which helps alleviate symptoms and increase function. However, the posture will not be changed.  Corrective Care helps to correct the posture with the help of chiropractic biophysics and relieve any pressure being put on the spinal cord, which over time will help to get the healing information from the brain to the heart and to the other organs of the body.

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About Dr. Mark Halpern:

Dr. Mark Halpern graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in 1996. He ran The York Lanes Chiropractic clinic, at York University, from October 1996 to June 2010. The Midtown Family Chiropractic clinic was opened in the fall of 2005 on a part-time basis and became a full-time practice in June 2010.

Educating the community regarding Health & Wellness is a priority for Dr. Halpern and through his work at the University and in Toronto, has had the opportunity to write articles for the campus newspaper and local publications, do a monthly radio show, and many lectures for the corporate community, as well as the Kinesiology and Music departments.

His practice Midtown Family Chiropractic serves people looking to live a Wellness based lifestyle with passion, vitality, and a vision for the future.

Dr. Halpern’s expertise with spinal health, and foot and extremity mechanics, allowed him to develop a unique high performance Golf fitness assessment, as well as run corporate foot clinics.

Dr. Halpern has a broad range of interests in the health and wellness field and has become certified in Psych-k (Belief change) and Reconnective Healing, both concentrating on helping his practice members to live the life of their dreams by removing unwanted subconscious beliefs and stimulating the natural healing capabilities of the human body.