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How To Ace Your Job Interview

Ace Your Job Interview

Katie Dolgin, Managing Partner of FOUND People Inc. gives tips on how to ace your job interview.  The most important step in acing your job interview is to be prepared which means you have researched the company. Google them, read annual reports, go on-line and gather as much information about them as you can.  Secondly, learn about the company culture by talking to people who work there and watch any videos or online work they’ve done or articles written about the company.  Many companies hire based on whether a candidate will fit into their corporate culture so make sure you are dressing appropriately and drawing on experiences that are suitable for what they are looking for.  Thirdly, be prepared for your Interview by practicing!  You should know how to answer the most common questions asked in interviews and have well-thought out questions prepared to ask them as well that demonstrate your interest in being part of their team.  Finally, don’t forget to send a thank-you letter letting them know you appreciated the opportunity to meet with them and reminding them how you can be asset to them!  With these tips you should be able to make yourself stand out above the competition and land that job you’ve been searching for.

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