How To Braid Bangs

Braid Bangs

Here is a  quick tip from Alissia West, a Stylist from Jalouse Hair. Watch as Alissia demonstrates how to braid bangs quick and easy. 


  1. First section out the bang from the hair on an angle so that it flows nicely into the hair
  2. Take two points and crisscross them and grab the third one and scoop the finger underneath and hook the middle section into it.
  3. Hold the middle section and grab the other side and place the finger under and twist.
  4. Continue this process and if any of the hair from backside flows into this, don’t worry it will also become a part of the braid.
  5. When you reach just above the temple in your face do one more braid on both sides and using a hair pin keep the braid in place so that the hair will not flow in your face and stick in one place.

About Jalouse Hair:

Jalouse Hair is owned and run by Michael Rutledge and his team of professional and talented hair stylists. Established in 2001 and located in downtown Toronto, Jalouse Hair has been providing excellent hair care for over 10 years. In addition to hair care, Jalouse Hair also offers make-up and aesthetic services to it’s clients.

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