How To Improve Functional Movement And Balance

Movement And Balance

Barry Samuel, the founder of Inside Out Fitness Studio discusses the next stage for beginning a healthy and safe exercise fitness program which is functional movement and balance.  Barry demonstrates the squat, plank on the stability ball and push-up.  By practicing these types of functional movements and improving balance you can strengthen your body and progress on to a more advanced exercise routine.

About Inside Out Fitness Studio:

Insideout Health & Fitness Studio was founded in April 2005 by Barry H. Samuel to make a difference for all kinds of individuals to achieve optimal health, fitness, lifestyle and performance goals. Samuel, with over two decades of hands-on experience, is a certified Health & Performance Coach (BA Psych, CPT, CSCS, NCCP). He is a Leadership Trainer, Educator, Accredited Motivational Speaker and Community Advocator for a myriad of important causes. His passion for helping others achieve their goals has made him a household name along the local and national media circuit

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