How To Wax Your Car

How To Wax Your Car

Very little is needed to wax you car just like the professional auto detail companies. Start with a clean vehicle, a small amount of liquid wax and polish it in a circular motion from top to bottom. This will revive the car color and shine. Use an even pressure to wax on and once complete, do the same to take the wax off.

Follow these tips by Mitch Rabovsky of M.R. Car Care you will learn how to wax your car like a pro and keep it looking its best between professional car care visits.

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Keeping your car clean is easy with M.R. Car Care. With over 20 years experience in the Car Detailing profession, Mitch Rabovsky takes pride in servicing your vehicle specifically to your individual needs as well as on a corporate level. Washing is done by hand and every effort is made to go above and beyond expectations including pick up and delivery at no extra cost. To find out more about Mitch and M.R. Car Care, visit his Facebook page at MR Car Care Ltd.