Increase Storage Space

Increase Storage Space 

Urbanites know that one of the pain points of apartment or condo living is storage space.

In this LifeStyleVideos segment, Lisa Canning, Interior Designer shows us the after effect on storage space by installing a floor to ceiling closet with a sliding panel.  This custom carpentry created more space for this family of three.  The plain sleek material keeps the modern look of the kitchen while hiding away the winter coats and boots.  One would never know from any viewpoint that there is a mass of additional storage space behind the dining area.

This efficient use of space was less costly than an armoire and blends in perfectly with the clean living space occupied by this trio.

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Lisa Canning is a Toronto-based interior stylist with a penchant for chic, contemporary, personalized interiors.

A graduate of Ryerson University’s acclaimed School of Fashion, Lisa brought her flair for textiles and color as she transitioned into designing homes on HGTV’s Marriage Under Construction. Lisa launched her design practice shortly thereafter specializing in customized, modern interiors for both commercial and residential spaces. Currently, Lisa runs the design team on HGTV’s For Rent.

When not working on client’s spaces, blogging or designing custom millwork, she can be found relaxing with her husband Josh and four children.

Lisa is the Market Editor for Dabble Magazine and is a regular interior expert on The Marilyn Denis Show.

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