Juice Cleanses

Juice Cleanses

Pulp Kitchen owner Marie Crawford discusses Juice Cleanses which is when someone abstains from eating solid food for a period of time and simply drink fresh-pressed fruit and vegetable juices.  The reason for this is because over time our digestive system can get clogged with excessive waste and when we give our digestive system a break it gives it a chance to eliminate the waste.  The second reason is because it gives your liver a break to detoxify.  Many people who try cleanses generally do so for about three days and report feeling lighter, healthier, have more energy and clearer skin.  You definitely want to check with your health care practitioner before starting any juice cleanse to ensure that it will work for you.

Pulp Kitchen specializes in fresh juice elixirs and smoothies. They also offer a selection of nourishing food items such as soup, sandwiches, and salads– and have been operating in Toronto since 2001.  Pulp Kitchen’s mission is to make healthy food more available to everyone, and to help educate on the benefits of healthy eating.  Their juices are made only from fresh pressed fruits and vegetables, and they offer over 30 unique smoothies and juice blends, each of which have been formulated to contain synergistic and specific beneficial properties.   Juicing programs and cleanses are their latest addition to helping build healthier bodies. Pulp Kitchen’s solid food items are free of all animal ingredients, and can be made gluten-free upon request.  Pulp Kitchen uses local and/or organic ingredients whenever possible.

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