Keep Your Manicure From Chipping

Keep Your Manicure From Chipping

Natasha Romano, lead manicurist at Victoria Park shares the secrets of the trade used to make polish last and keep your manicure from chipping.  Follow her advice to maintain a flawless manicure.

Start with a freshly cleaned nail bed; apply base coat, two coats of colour and a topcoat.  When applying polish, do so in three thin strokes and seal the edge of the nail to ensure polish is sealed.  The technique ensures shines and prevents chipping.  To further prolong nail colour, apply a daily topcoat.

Natasha brings colour and skill to every manicure and pedicure she provides to her clientele.  She is highly sought after for beauty advice and services at Victoria Park, Montreal’s leading urban retreat.  To find out more about or beauty services, visit Victoria Park at or find them on

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