Keep Your Skin Looking Young

Keep Your Skin Looking Young

Kathy Kczander, Senior esthetician at Victoria Park shares the most important advice there is in order to keep your skin looking young.  She stresses that the most basic, important tool in order to combat aging is sunscreen.  The combination of sunscreen with an anti oxidant is required in all weather.

Overexposure to the sun is the main thing that makes you look older by causing you to get age spots, saggy skin, baggy eyes and wrinkles.  Use a sunscreen that has a SPF or Sun Protection.

Always apply sunscreen on your body about 30 minutes before going outside and for even extra protection against the sun & to make you look even younger use a sunscreen that has antioxidants like Vitamin C & E and pomegranate extract in it to help neutralize the damage caused by UV light.

Kathy studied Esthetics in the most prominent school in Eastern Europe and has been caring for her clients multi-beauty needs for many years in Canada.  She is highly sought after for beauty advice and services at Victoria Park, Montreal’s leading urban retreat.  To find out more about health or beauty services, visit Victoria Park or find them on

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