Leg And Upper Body Workout

Leg And Upper Body Workout

What is amazing about this fitness series is how anyone can follow it regardless of age or fitness level. It is an enjoyable and effective leg and upper body workout that will strengthen your legs and biceps with isometric movements. Watch as barre babes Paulina Witkowki and Sandra Vadasz illustrate how to create leaner, longer and stronger muscles.

The barreworks program focuses on how to have a dancers body with out having to be a dance professional. These movements focus on fitness training, core conditioning, yoga and Pilates into within one class.

Inspired by the celebrity endorsed, barre fitness sensation in New York and Los Angeles, the Barreworks™ exercise system was created by a team of certified fitness and yoga instructors and dance professionals. Together they created safe and effective workouts that quickly develop long, lean muscles without the bulk.

Practice these moves at home using a chair as a ballet barre, light replacement weights or find a location near you that will combine an energizing blend of exercises unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

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