Maximizing Fitness Results Based On Your Body Type

Maximizing Fitness Results Based On Your Body Type

Dimitri Giankoulas, Owner of Pure Motivation Fitness discusses the three body types and how to adapt your diet and fitness routine to your body type for ideal results.

Mesomorphic body type– 30% carbs, 40% protein, 30% fat and focus on moderate weight training with heavier cardiovascular exercise

Ectomorphic body type-50% carbs, 30% protein, 20% fat and focus on weight training and minimum cardiovascular exercise

Endomorphic body type-25% carbs, 37.5% protein, 37.5% fat and focus on cardiovascular exercise with light weight training

About Dimitri Giankoulas and Pure Motivation Fitness:

Led by Award-Winning Personal Trainer, Champion drug free bodybuilder and nutrition expert; Dimitri Giankoulas, wife Francesca and their team of certified fitness professionals work hard to motivate, educate and inspire people of all ages and abilities in living healthier lives.

Specializing in personal training and nutrition counseling for over 16 years, owner Dimitri Giankoulas created Pure Motivation Fitness to provide its members upscale service, personalized nutrition counseling and Body (Genetic) Type Specific personal training programs for children, adults and seniors.

Catering to their diverse clientele, team Pure Motivation Fitness helps you achieve any goal you set for yourself by guaranteeing you will actually exercise because of their ability to provide you numerous fitness services both at their newly built Boutique Fitness Studio (located in Vaughan) and with the privacy and comfort of their “Famous” IN-HOME personal training/nutrition services.