Naomi Campbell Glamour

Naomi Campbell Glamour

Naomi Campbell is known for her strong personality, spots on international runways, premium advertising campaigns and high wattage glamour.  Follow these easy steps to emulate this super model’s signature look.

Maya Goldenberg Eco-Beauty Professional tells you what is needed to create this beauty look and exactly what is needed to achieve it.  Maya promotes a holistic and eco-friendly approach to beauty and grooming, using luxury products that are non-toxic, organic and effective. With 15 years experience working in the cosmetics and fragrance industry she has worked on over 35 red carpet events, 200 fashion shows, over 500 brides, and myriad corporate and commercial campaigns, TV shows, photo shoots and special events.

Maya has taken great pleasure making her clients’ visions reality from coast to coast and loves sharing her enthusiasm and knowledge about how to look beautiful and feel healthy.

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