Pilates Postnatal Exercises

Postnatal Exercises

Monica Plewes of Core Studio shows some postnatal exercises that you can perform 10-12 weeks after having your baby and once you’ve been given the go ahead to exercise by your doctor.  The key with these pilates core exercises is to keep your pelvic floor lifted and your abdominals flat.  By practicing these exercises a minimum of 3 times a week and eating healthy, you should be able to get your body back in no time!

About CORE Studio:

Established in 2005 by Monica Plewes, CORE Studio ranks among Toronto’s best and most recognized pilates and yoga studios. With more than 70 classes each week, we have something for everyone — from those who want a physically challenging practice to those who prefer to unwind with slow, restorative classes. Our 5,000 square foot boutique yoga and pilates studio features two matwork practice rooms with stunning views of the Toronto skyline, a state-of-the-art reformer and tower equipment studio, two private session rooms, change rooms, and a lounge area.  Our experienced and knowledgeable instructors deliver quality programs with your goals in mind. Their understanding of anatomy and movement, combined with years of teaching experience, give them the ability to help you tweak your form, so that students get the most out of your practice. Small class sizes mean that you get more hands-on instruction with an emphasis on technique, which leads to amazing results.

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