Playing With Your Toddler – Sensory Bin

Playing With Your Toddler – Sensory Bin

Sharyn Feldman of the Mindful Mommy School helps parents come up with ideas for activities they can do at home with their toddlers that are simple and easy to put together. In this video she is at the Canadian Academy of Therapeutic Arts (CATA)  and with an activity  using a sensory bin filled with grains such as lentils, black eyed peas, oats and flax.   Toddlers enjoy touching the grains and it creates a sensory experience for your child.  They can pour, sift, fill, empty and scoop into a variety of containers. Watch Sharyn for more information on this experience that you can share with your child.

About Sharyn Feldman:

As an Early Childhood Professional, Sharyn specializes in supporting mothers of young children. For over 20 years, she has been developing and facilitating sensory and cognitive play programs for moms and their babies. Specializing in attachment theory and mindful parenting, Sharyn is the founder of the Mindful Mommy School in Vaughan, Ontario, where mothers learn strategies that help cultivate and deepen the parent-child connection. She is passionate about working with moms who want to become the most effective and loving parents possible.  For more info visit the

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