Prepare Your Garden for Winter


Christopher Wong of Young Urban Farmers youngurbanfarmers.com demonstrates 4 easy steps to prepare your garden for winter.  They include:

  1. Remove dead plants, branches, stems and leaves and put into a composter
  2. Water your garden thoroughly so it isn’t too dry before the harsh winter weather
  3. Mulch perennial plants to give extra winter root protection
  4. Plant a cover crop like winter rye, clover or buckwheat, make sure to plow it under before it gets to large or alternatively, you can turn over the soil to make spring planting easier.


About Chris Wong and the Young Urban Farmers:

Young Urban Farmers™ is a Toronto-based company that helps people grow their own fresh food in the city. Founded in 2009 by a group university graduates, they hope to share their passion for local organic produce by making gardening simple, fun, and rewarding for people across Ontario and beyond.  Their specialty lies in edible vegetable gardening – whether it is in your backyard, front yard, patio, balcony or rooftop. They believe in local, organic, and sustainably-grown food you can feel proud of eating and sharing with your friends and family.

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