Psychotherapy – Build Empathy In Children

Liza Finlay is a practicing psychotherapist and renowned writer. A specialist in Adlerian psychotherapy techniques, Liza is also the relationship expert for She penned the “Dear Liza” advice column for Family Outlook magazine and contributes many mental health articles to a wide variety of print and online publications. Liza has edited numerous books, children’s books and academic articles on parenting and psychology in addition to practicing psychotherapy, Liza is a prolific writer. Her articles on depression, anxiety and eating disorders have won national awards.

Liza’s passions are individual (including adolescent), couples and career counselling. She believes strongly that we all contain the creative power to grow, change and heal.

In this segment Liza talks about building empathy in our children. Although empathy is an innate trait, children do benefit from being taught how to apply empathy into their personal skill set.  A person’s brain takes feelings and analyses them as we are wired for empathy.  It is however like a muscle that needs to be exercised so that we do not act self absorbed.

To assist your children with building these skills, direct their social interest radar and allow kids to feel and act empathetic daily by making contributions to benefit others in a positive way.  When you see your children react emotionally and take action, comment on it so that behaviours are appreciated and repeated.  Plus, parents should model empathy as kids are watching and look to emulate their role models.

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