Psychotherapy – Change is Necessary


Psychotherapy  – Change is Necessary

Liza Finlay is a practicing psychotherapist and renowned writer. A specialist in Adlerian psychotherapy techniques, Liza is also the relationship expert for She penned the “Dear Liza” advice column for Family Outlook magazine and contributes many mental health articles to a wide variety of print and online publications. Liza has edited numerous books, children’s books and academic articles on parenting and psychology in addition to practicing psychotherapy, Liza is a prolific writer. Her articles on depression, anxiety and eating disorders have won national awards.

Liza’s passions are individual (including adolescent), couples and career counselling. She believes strongly that we all contain the creative power to grow, change and heal.

In this video segment Liza addresses how life change is both necessary and desirable to evolve a person.  She outlines ways that people can be a change agent in their own lives to create positive effects. It is never too late to make a change for the better.

Find out how you can incorporate ways that will allow you result in new perspectives and make a difference in your life as it’s never too late for a good change with

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