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Psychotherapy – The Obsession With Perfection

Perfection is a state of being that most people strive for. In this segment Liza Finlay of talks about the obsession with perfection. While being the best that you can be in life is an important key to success, sometimes this quest can have consequences.  There is a danger to expecting perfection as it can create feelings of inferiority.  We need to have the courage to be imperfect and acknowledge that making mistakes are the building blocks of growth.

Try to maintain esteem, focus on your strengths not weaknesses; apply humor – laugh at yourself; allow room for self-growth and self-compassion.
Watch as Liza outline the benefits of being a little less than perfect.

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About Liza Finlay:

 Liza Finlay is a practicing psychotherapist and renowned writer. A specialist in Adlerian psychotherapy techniques, Liza is also the relationship expert for She penned the “Dear Liza” advice column for Family Outlook magazine and contributes many mental health articles to a wide variety of print and online publications. Liza has edited numerous books, children’s books and academic articles on parenting and psychology in addition to practicing psychotherapy, Liza is a prolific writer. Her articles on depression, anxiety and eating disorders have won national awards.Liza’s passions are individual (including adolescent), couples and career counselling. She believes strongly that we all contain the creative power to grow, change and heal.

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