Psychotherapy with Liza Finlay – Languages Of Love

Liza Finlay is a practicing psychotherapist and renowned writer. A specialist in Adlerian psychotherapy techniques, Liza is also the relationship expert for She penned the “Dear Liza” advice column for Family Outlook magazine and contributes many mental health articles to a wide variety of print and online publications. Liza has edited numerous books, children’s books and academic articles on parenting and psychology in addition to practicing psychotherapy, Liza is a prolific writer. Her articles on depression, anxiety and eating disorders have won national awards.

Liza’s passions are individual (including adolescent), couples and career counselling. She believes strongly that we all contain the creative power to grow, change and heal.

In this video segment, Liza discusses how to avoid and resolve conflict and miscommunication with your romantic partner.  Love talk is spoken in different tongues and we have different channel frequencies.  W e may speak and hear love in different languages including:


Liza of will assist you in the importance of knowing your love language and that of your partners to enjoy being tuned into the same channel and experiencing a cohesive relationship.

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