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Quick and Easy Gluten Free Bread Crumbs

Gluten Free Bread Crumbs

Food enthusiast, Andrea Kolber demonstrates two gluten free bread crumbs recipes. The first gluten bread crumbs recipe is made with crackers instead of bread. You can use plain or flavoured crackers depending on your recipe and flavour preference.  Gluten free crackers usually come pre-packaged in a bag.  Open a small hole in the bag and whack it with a spoon until they are crumbled.  Put them in the blender for approximately 30 seconds until finely crumbled.  One bag should yield half a cup of breadcrumbs.

For more traditional breadcrumbs.  Start with gluten free bread,  put into your oven at 300 degrees for 10-15 minutes making sure you flip half way so the bread is evenly browned on both sides.  Chop the bread into smaller pieces and then put them in a blender and blend  until finely crumbled.  Either of these breadcrumbs can be used in any traditional recipes and will ensure your cooking will be gluten-free and delicious.

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