Samba Basics – Foot Movement

Samba Basics

Jessica “Samba Jess” Semedo is back to cover some more Brazilian Samba fundamentals. In this video she covers Samba foot movement and basic steps.  Stay tuned for more samba basics videos from “Samba Jess”

Born to a mother from Sao Vicente, Cape Verde and a Professional Soccer Player father from Guinea-Bissau, “Samba Jess” specializes in Brazilian Carnival Style Samba, as well as some of the native dances from the Portuguese Diaspora. Jess has 13 years of Dance experience under her belt, and has performed and taught across Ontario, Quebec, in Vancouver, Costa Rica and Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Traveling to and from Brazil since 2009, Jess has learnt with some of the Samba greats in Rio and New York City. In 2010 while living in Brazil, Jess was asked to parade as a Passista with the samba schools ‘GRES Unidos Da Vila Rica’, as well as with ‘GRES Acadêmicos da Rocinha.’ She later returned to Canada to focus on her own Samba/Afro-Portuguese Dance group as well as her teaching soon after. Other than samba dance, Jess is the pioneer of the Kizomba Dance Movement in Toronto, being the first to hold Kizomba Dance Workshops and later classes and performances in Toronto since 2011. Although now an individual artist, Jess and her past group AfroLusophone were featured on RTP (Round Table Portugal) International, as well as local and national news channels here in Canada. Jess hopes to continue to expand the awareness of Lusophone Culture and dance both locally and internationally, and share her passion for Brazilian Samba with her students and peers!