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Soft Skills Employers are Looking For

Soft Skills Employers are Looking For

Katie Dolgin, Managing Partner of FOUND People Inc. discusses the most important soft skills employers are looking for in today’s job market.

  1. Leadership – Critical in any organization, taking initiative and taking charge
  2. Interpersonal Skills – The ability to work well with others and in a team setting
  3. Problem Solving – Work dilligently to find solutions
  4. Self Motivation- Getting the job done without being prompted
  5. Efficiency – Organizing your time to ensure tasks are done in a timely manner

Potential employers and recruiters look for these characteristics in job applicants so be sure to use these key words throughout your resume.

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FOUND People Inc. is a boutique recruiting agency based in Toronto specializing in all things DIGITAL.   Their aim is to help uncover career opportunities that align not only with a candidate’s skill sets, but also their passions and interests.

FOUND People Inc. helps match candidates with employers in a variety of industries, including digital advertising, marketing, communications, social media management, sales, analytics, as well as technological support.  They specialize in recruiting for both junior and senior level placements within the digital arena, and make it their mission to help dynamic companies build high performance teams and successful organizations. For more information visit

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