Spinning Exercises – Freezes


Spinning Exercises – Freezes

Quad Spin’s, Rae Armstrong takes spin enthusiasts through ‘freezes’ on a stationary spin bike.  Her spinning exercises are controlled and focused which builds strength and endurance.

In ‘second position’ freezes will have you standing tall, abs tight, shoulders relaxed and your head at a consistent height as your legs circle around.  In ‘third position’ abs remain tight, shoulders remain relaxed, arms stretch forward, glutes push back over the seat and knees peddle towards the chest.

No matter what hand position you use, spinning exercises such as freezes will allow you to ‘feel the burn’ and enjoy a great work out.

About Quad Spin:

One of Toronto’s premier indoor cycling clubs that opened up more than nine years ago at 580 King Street West. Since then quad west at 447 Speers road in Oakville and Quad East at 672 Queen Street East just west of broadview have also opened their doors. At Quad Spin they strive to make indoor cycling important with well maintained Schwinn ic pro bikes and great teachers. They create an environment that is friendly and warm, with great positive energy, so you can get the best indoor cycling workouts. For more visit