Step Families

Step Families

In today’s modern society, step families are common and touch us all to some degree.  Clarifying who the players are and their corresponding roles is a good place to start.

Joe Rich, Social Worker & Therapist does a excellent job in this video outlining some of the themes merging families experience, how to work through them and timelines for harmonious horizons.

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Joe Rich has practiced social work for over 25 years. He has continued to provide counselling services for individuals, couples/relationships and families while building a strong presence in the media, mental health, camping and corporate communities as a trainer, educator, presenter and consultant for service delivery.

Joe is the author of Parenting: The Long Journey (Wiley and sons, 2006) and publishes regularly on line on a variety of topics. He is well respected for his empowering “figure it out and fix it” approach to relationships which has allowed him to assist others in moving towards healthy and long-term solutions to some of the day-to-day problems and issues faced in navigating through the realities of family and work life.

Throughout the years Joe has become a sought after keynote and conference presenter, entertaining and educating lay and professional audiences.

Joe is currently best known for his ongoing role as regular guest relationship and family therapist on The Marilyn Denis Show (City TV) and Last Chance For Romance (Global TV).

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