A Lesson In Style Transformation – Before And After

Style Transformation

Carol Brailey, a certified Image consultant is here to walk us through a Before and After style transformation and the rationale behind the after look.
The model in the video has been assessed to be in the True Winter colour season, a proportionate body type with medium bone structure and a classic-romantic personality type.
The dress, makeup and hair colour choice in the After look are aligned with colours in the True Winter colour palette. The style of the dress is fitted with detail that compliments a classic-romantic personality. Curl is kept in the hair to accentuate features and the romantic personality of the model. The accessories chosen are aligned with the model’s medium bone structure so that they do not over power her.

About Carol Brailey:

Having worked in management for large organizations and in the film industry with Academy Award winners, Carol knows the importance of image. Carol’s warm, professional and approachable manner is the reason people seek her out. Carol is a certified image consultant who is a member of the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI). In addition, to further round out her image consulting practice, Carol is a hair professional.

Carol Brailey Image Consulting services inspire individuals to wear their authenticity.

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