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Taking Care Of Your Bangs

Taking Care of Bangs – Cowlicks and Hair Streams

Here is a detailed video from Kristin at Fuss Hair Studio  about taking care of your bangs. ‘Cowlicks’ and ‘hair streams’ are the parts of your bangs that stick up or out and interfere with your overall ‘look’. Kristin shows you how to style your bangs and manage those cowlicks or hair streams to enjoy sleek, organized, gorgeous bangs.

Bangs are very popular right now, but not everyone can wear them – bangs can be unruly and difficult to manage. Luckily, Kristin’s steps will help you keep your bangs looking great with little fuss!

Important note: Blow-dry your bangs first! You don’t want to let them dry naturally.

1)      When your hair is wet, using a fine comb and a hair dryer, slowly brush your bangs in the direction you want them to go while you blow-dry.

2)      Once your hair is dry, use the ‘cool shot’ option on your hair dryer to cool and set your bangs in the form you’ve put them in.

3)      Use a round brush under your bangs and your hair dryer to get a little bit of volume or even just to smooth out that cuticle and finish everything off.

4)      Once you’ve finished blow-drying, setting, and styling your bangs, blow-dry the rest of your hair.

With these easy steps you can have your bangs looking the way you want them to!

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About Fuss Hair Studio:

At Fuss Hair Studio, co-owners Stacey Lipstein and Kristin Rankin promise to fuss with your hair to bring out your best look. Fuss Hair Studio’s quaint boutique salon is located on Queen Street East in the heart of Leslieville in Toronto, Canada.

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