Tea Basics – Green, Oolong And Black Tea

Tea Basics

Linda Gaylard, certified Tea Sommelier discusses tea basics.  All pure tea comes from the Camellia Senensis plant.  Linda discusses three basic teas, Green, Oolong and Black tea.

Green tea is usually picked as a bud at high altitudes.  It has a short shelf life and it should be consumed within the first year it was harvested.  Green tea should be steeped in water about 75-80 degrees, if you steep green tea in water that is too hot, it may have an overly bitter taste.  It should taste similar to butter and sweet grass.

Oolong Tea starts with a tightly rolled leaves that unfurl as they are steeped.  Oolong tea should be steeped in water about 85-95 degrees.  It has an amber colour and a very earthy taste and is a good tea to pair with cheeses and other foods.  Most Oolong teas should be consumed within a year and a half however there are particular types that are meant to be aged.

Black tea is possibly the most popular tea.  It is a fully oxidized tea so it has a stronger taste than the others.  Black tea should last approximately 2-3 years and have a brisk and rich taste.

Note that eating pumpkin seeds between tasting cleanses the palate!

About Linda Gaylard and The Tea Stylist:

Linda Gaylard is a Certified Tea Sommelier located in the city of Toronto, Canada. She graduated from a comprehensive program of study developed by George Brown College in conjunction with The Tea Association of Canada. During her training, Linda experienced more that 350 hours of focused tastings and workshops as well as training in tea and food pairing, social history of tea and tea garden management.

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