Teriyaki Salmon Food

Teriyaki Salmon With A Maple Syrup Glaze

Teriyaki Salmon

Les Bernstein, who practices in the financial field by day and on the baseball field by night, attributes much of his success to his motto ‘eat well, play well’. He has perfected a series of recipes that are easy, tasty and healthy to fuel up and win. In this segment Les demonstrates how to master a beautiful, teriyaki, salmon steak. Only a few ingredients are needed and you can adjust the quantities to suit your personal taste. The process requires just a few steps, ingredients and 25 minutes. Once the salmon is ready, pair with steamed broccoli or salad for a health conscious, delicious meal. Watch now for the directions and ingredients to make this dish at home. For more easy meals by Les check out the food section right here on Lifestylevideos.com


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