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The Perfect Pixie Cut

The Perfect Pixie Cut

Brian Phillips, Owner and Founder of worldSALON creates the modern perfect pixie cut in this video. It’s amazing to watch the transformation on Alison. As seen here, this Plutino Group model starts off with a classic, long, blunt and ends with a sassy, versatile pixie.

For most women, lopping off long locks signals a change in their lives. Weather it’s inspired by being a new mom, making a career change or just formulating a new look. Prepare yourself yourself emotionally, by embracing thoughts of freedom and artistic openness; choose a realistic photo to emulate; find a great stylist that can create the closely cropped cut leaving it a bit longer on top and around the sides and shorter at the back.

With a little bit of deft finger work and the right products you can change up your pixie look daily from elegant to edgy as this short style applies multiple angles and techniques so that the hair has shape and movement. 

This cut has been made a come back every era by beautiful actresses from Audrey Hepburn to Halle Berry and Miley Cyrus.

To find Brian for your creative cut, visit world.ca facebook.com/worldSALON and twitter@_worldSALON.


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