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The Sleek And Simple Ponytail

Simple Ponytail

Here is a video with Kristin from Fuss Hair Studio. Kristin explains how you can easily put your hair into a gorgeous, sleek and simple ponytail. This method uses hidden ponytails for a sleek, stylish finish.

Step 1: Preparation

1)      You will want to have a nice smoothing brush available so you can smooth out bumps or dents in your hair.

Step 2: Sectioning

2)      Take your hair in a circular pattern from your crown to the back of your head.

3)      Using your smoothing brush, smooth out this section of hair. Take a small elastic and make a ponytail with only this section. This ponytail should be approximately where you want your final ponytail (high or low).

4)      Pull it to make sure it’s where you want it to be and make sure that it’s tight. Don’t worry if it isn’t smooth, as this ponytail will be hidden.

  • Option: If you have a lot of hair, make another ponytail around this smaller ponytail before following the next step. Section the hair around the first ponytail without going into the final outside layer of hair.

5)      Make sure the part is where you want it

6)      Smooth the rest of the hair around the first ponytail(s) with your brush. Lightly hairspray during this process. Use the hairspray canister to gently smooth the hairspray onto the hair. This will create a nice, smooth finish.

7)      Once you have the hair where you like it, and you feel that the hidden ponytail(s) is hidden, make sure all of the hair is smooth. Take your final elastic and secure your hair into a ponytail – wrap it three times, if you can, to keep it concise and tight.

8)      Repeat the hairspray step and smooth with the canister.

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About Fuss Hair Studio:

At Fuss Hair Studio, co-owners Stacey Lipstein and Kristin Rankin promise to fuss with your hair to bring out your best look. Fuss Hair Studio’s quaint boutique salon is located on Queen Street East in the heart of Leslieville in Toronto, Canada.