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Quick And Easy Top Knot Bun

The Top Knot Bun

In this segment Stacey at Fuss Hair Studio  explains how to put your hair into a nice, smooth top knot bun! You will need a natural-bristle brush (for smoothing), an elastic, and bobby pins.

Step 1: The Ponytail

1)      Brush all of your hair back with your brush.

2)      Place your hand under your hair and cup all of your hair at once.

3)      Holding your hair in one hand, use the other to brush your hair backwards until all hair is contained in your hand. Once you have your hair tight and smooth, use the elastic to make a high ponytail.

4)      Make sure that the elastic is tight. If this creates ridges and bumps on your head, use the end of your brush to work these back into the rest of your hair.

5)      If you find flyaways, spray your hair lightly with hairspray and use the canister to smooth the flyaways down – this will make a nice, smooth finish!

Step 2: Making the Bun

6)      Taking the hair in your ponytail, spread the loose hair against your head until you can place your hand against the middle of your ponytail (where the hair enters the elastic).

7)      Gently grasp one piece of the ponytail and, moving around the base of the ponytail, gather the pieces into one loop around the base of the ponytail.

8)      Using a bobby pin, secure the end of your ponytail in the base.

9)      Hairspray the bun lightly. Use bobby pins to secure the rest of the hair.

  • Option: If you would prefer a big, messy bun, pull the bun out a bit and use the end of your brush to pull pieces out to create a bigger, messier look.


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