Tips To Bullyproof Your Child

Bullyproof Your Child

Lisa Hirsh Wax, Educational consultant is here with some tips and tricks to help bullyproof your child. The most important way to help your child is to help them nurture and develop strong friendships.  Isolated children are often the most bullied.  Help them make friends along with their teachers to recommend  who they can comfortably play with at recess, which is often the most stressful time for many children because this time at school is unstructured.  Ask you child how their day was and what they did, set up play dates with other children to encourage friendships.  If your child continues to have difficulties with bullying, speak to the teacher and the principal of your school as well to enlist their aid in stopping the bullying from continuing.


About Lisa:

For more thank  14 years Lisa Hirsh Wax has been providing educational consulting, assessment, tutoring to children with a variety of needs, their families, and supporting the schools they are in.

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