Tone Your Inner Thighs With Pilates

Tone The Inner Thighs

Pilates provides a great inner thigh workout. Because of its focus on long, lean, strong muscles, Pilates isometric exercises tone and shape the legs beautifully. Exercises for you inner thighs can help you or be a waste of time. Learn how to use inner thigh exercises effectively on the reformer. This standing version challenges your body providing results says certified Pilates instructor Jennifer Horvath. It’s a superior inner-thigh exercise because it requires the inner thigh to perform the main movement of drawing the carriage inward.


 Jennifer Horvath is the Pilates Director at Victoria Park located in the beautiful neighborhood of Westmount in Montreal, Quebec.  Jennifer loves to work with clients who are open to a change in order to perform and feel better in their bodies. She utilizes Pilates to complete global exercise programs preventing injuries, and to rehabilitate existing injuries. Her specialties include postural awareness and re-education, sports performance for any level athlete including Pilates for runners and yoga-type work for MMA fighters. She loves the impact and the challenge of helping her clients overcome injuries including, but not limited to, scoliosis, herniated disc, back & neck pain, fibromyalgia and post-stroke rehab.