Try Online Dating

Try Online Dating

Cheryl Besner of 365 Days To Find Love is here to talk about why you should try online dating

Cheryl’s wardrobe courtesy of Catherine Malandrino.

Special thanks to Weslodge Saloon, 480King St. W. Toronto for providing filming location.

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About Cheryl Besner and 365 Days to Find Love:

Cheryl Besner, born in Montreal is a single woman with 3 fabulous children, one cat, and one dog.  Cheryl is an Event Producer with a background in fashion and business. Over the last seven years, she has produced original concepts for a variety of events, from private parties to charity galas – always challenging herself to push the boundaries of creativity.

Cheryl has played many roles in her lifetime: daughter, sister, granddaughter, friend, girlfriend, wife, mother.

After Cheryl’s long term relationship ended approximately two years ago, she decided to look inside herself to find out who she was and what made her tick. Now knowing more of what she wants out of life, she  has rebuilt a life for herself and her inner being is at peace. Now ready to share her life with someone again, was created.

Beyond Cheryl’s personal quest for love, 365 Days to find Love is a journey on how to go about finding love as a mature, passionate, and (hopefully) wiser woman.  365 Days to find Love is an exploration of what Love is: for Cheryl and for you. Join Cheryl in her journey!