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Using Social Media in Your Job Search

Using Social Media in Your Job Search

Carmen Jeffrey, Senior Consultant at FOUND People Inc discusses the importance of Social Media in your Job Search.  The most important thing to remember is consistency, make sure your social media chronology and details match up to your resume.  Also, if you cannot keep your social media updated and contribute consistently, you shouldn’t bother.   On the other hand, don’t overload your updates because it makes it look like you aren’t working and have nothing better to do.   Keep your social media channels clean and professional, they should portray how you want to be seen by potential recruiters and employers.  Avoid personal photos and details, keep language clean, remember employers use social media as a background check of potential candidates and they can reveal a lot about a person so keep this in mind when posting anything!

About FOUND People Inc.

FOUND People Inc. is a boutique recruiting agency based in Toronto specializing in all things DIGITAL.   Their aim is to help uncover career opportunities that align not only with a candidate’s skill sets, but also their passions and interests.

FOUND People Inc. helps match candidates with employers in a variety of industries, including digital advertising, marketing, communications, social media management, sales, analytics, as well as technological support.  They specialize in recruiting for both junior and senior level placements within the digital arena, and make it their mission to help dynamic companies build high performance teams and successful organizations.  For more information visit

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