Beautiful, vintage style pin curls and waves, right at home! Beauty

Vintage Style Pin Curls And Waves

Vintage Style Pin Curls And Waves

Here is a fantastic video from Stacey at Fuss Hair Studio  explaining an easy way to make beautiful, vintage style pin curls and waves, right at home!

First Step: Setting up your hair for a dramatic style

1)      Make a dramatic, deep, angled part on the side (about halfway between your ear and the top of your head). You can use the end of a comb to make sure the part is clear and straight!

Second Step: Curling from the crown forward

2)      Starting under the part, separate a section of hair into a small or large angled section.

3)      Start curling! Curl the first section – smaller pieces will give tighter, more dramatic pin curls, while larger pieces will give you a looser set of curls. Curl these away from your face using a flat iron. After curling each piece, roll the curl into its natural shape and pin it to your head with a bobby pin or small clip to set. Repeat for the rest of the angled section.

4)      The second section should be curled toward your face, and alternate the rest of the sections.

5)      Once you’ve finished the section under the part, take a large angled section above the part and make smaller, tighter curls in that section to give the front extra drama and volume. Finish the rest of the hair at the front of your head (from your face to your crown) the same as the other side.

Third Step: The back of the hair

6)      Curl the back of the hair in larger, loose curls with a flat iron or curling iron. Set with hairspray.

Fourth Step: Finishing the hairstyle

7)      Let your hair set for 5-10 minutes and lightly spray with hairspray.

8)      Remove the pins or clips and let the curls gently fall.

9)      Using a natural-bristle brush or a paddle brush (slowly!), lightly brush out the curls from the root. You can use your fingers to hold your hair down where it meets your scalp.

10)  Lightly spray with hairspray and smooth with your fingers.

Fifth Step: The reveal

Voilà! You now have a beautiful head of vintage style pin curls and waves.

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About Fuss Hair Studio:

At Fuss Hair Studio, co-owners Stacey Lipstein and Kristin Rankin promise to fuss with your hair to bring out your best look. Fuss Hair Studio’s quaint boutique salon is located on Queen Street East in the heart of Leslieville in Toronto, Canada.